(Image: Taras and Amber Ochota - Ochota Barrels)

2022 slint chardonnay

2022 adelaide hills chardonnay

a tightly wound cool climate chardonnay which leads with mouth- watering grapefruit and nectarine

mealy granny smith apples and a fine tuning of nougat and honeysuckle spice sets the foundation for the almost nettle like svelte texture

aromatically evolving between gun flint, bee’s wax and meyer lemon rind the palate is taut and precise, and finishes long with powerful elegance

pH – 3.22 T.A. – 5.8 Alc. – 12.8% hand picked March 26th

the vineyard is a steep, high altitude (550m), cold and wet site planted in the 1980s in the heart of the piccadilly valley

basket pressed with full solids straight to a mix of seasoned and virgin burgundian barrels

indigenous yeast fermentation unfined and filtered to retain natural malic acid no additions besides minimal so2

2022 price of silence gamay

2022 adelaide hills gamay

4636 bottles produced

in 1985 three clones of gamay were planted high up in the piccadilly valley, a few years later due to its unpopularity, they were grafted to chardonnay

it wasn’t until 2013 that taras convinced his grower mate sam to chainsaw off the chardonnay grafts and bring back canes from the gamay rootstock evolving from there, cuttings were taken of these three clones and grafted on established vines in sam’s quartz-laden woodside vineyard, planted on a former gold mine, a crop picked in 2019, bushfire in 2020, a harvest in 2021, and vines finding natural balance in 2022

a tightly wound classic example of gamay which shows medicinal fragrance, savoury spiced red currants that has a polished mineral palate that is lithe, dense yet elegant in its long and pure finish

handpicked early april, sorted into a series of small fermenters with partial carbonic maceration

pH – 3.23 T.A. – 6.8 Alc. – 12.6%

unfined and unfiltered no additions besides minimal so2

2022 a forest pinot noir

2022 adelaide hills pinot noir

7069 bottles produced

a strikingly floral nose of crushed petals and stems sets this liquid’s framework... garrigue and Nordic forest undergrowth taunts damson fruit, pain d’epice and subtle peaty elements into a convincing show of rusticity

the delicate sappiness holds the taut, yet compact and textural palate in a state of flux, whilst tarry red currants and slightly meaty components enfold long with a savoury egress... through the experience a medicinal quality flutters, reminiscent of billie hoke, which cannot be ignored by the further travelled

once opened, this wine will move considerably after day one with more flamboyant adjectives that will make this tasting note seem 101 standard issue

pH – 3.54 T.A. – 5.4 Alc. – 12.5%

clones 777:D5V12:MV6
from scanlon and virgara Vineyards - open top fermented in micro batches and cold soaked until wild yeast fermentation - gently hand plunged and whispered to seasoned barriques and puncheons around 60% whole bunch unfined and unfiltered no additions beside minimal so2

2022 fugazi grenache

2022 mclaren vale grenache

3200 bottles produced from 76 year old dry grown bush vines on the Blewitt Springs ridge - tiny berries and a miniscule yield

a fragrant thread of wild herbs, fennel seed and charcuterie is underpinned with raspberry, violets and Asiatic spice

the taut nervous tension of compact red currants and Satsuma plum fills the mid palate with mouth-watering red berry intensity

finely grained but authoritative tannins position this svelte, fleshy, and measured weight of forest cherries and persimmon into a long succulent and savoury finish

pH – 3.54 T.A. – 5.4 Alc. – 13.7% planted in 1947 on ironstone and gravel infused cracking red clay

north facing unirrigated bush vines organically farmed handpicked march 22nd - 6 tiny open ferments - 10-30 days on skins and stalks with 50% whole bunches - pressed to seasoned french barriques - aged for 6 months

unfined and unfiltered no additions besides minimal so2

2022 impeccable disorder

2022 adelaide hills pinot noir

the flip side of the coin from Home... a selected parcel of the most ethereally powerful pinot noir for the vintage

845 bottles produced in 2022

impeccable disorder is darker, broodier and has unusual intense rustic pinosity ... gun powder and texture like southern ocean surf beach sand... the Label is from Taras’ punk band kranktus’ first album... him strapped to a chair screaming... TV strapped to his head ...normal stuff

pH –3.60 T.A. – 5.0 Alc. – 12.3%

unfined and unfiltered no additions besides minimal so2

2022 control voltage chardonnay

2022 adelaide hills chardonnay

397 bottles produced - a selection of our favourite micro parcel of chardonnay from the vintage

holding it in its mouth watering state is the complexity of brioche and white flesh stone fruits are the layered textural elements from batonnage and restrained input from virgin oak

pH – 3.23 T.A. – 5.9 Alc. – 12.6%

handpicked late march, pressed with full solids straight to thick staved

burgundian barriques indigenous yeast fermentation weekly batonnage

indigenous yeast fermentation unfined and filtered to retain natural malic acid no additions besides minimal so2

2022 186 grenache

2022 mclaren vale grenche

546 bottles produced in 2022

...so here is the saga behind this little one if you’re interested...

taras would remove the head of a seasoned vosges barrique and fill it with bunches of our gorgeous blewitt springs grenache (planted 1947) he’d put the head back on and pop it in the back of the shed- then the morning of international grenache day (186 days later) he would pull it out and press it through a vintage pillow case- at this point taras always found it hard not to eat all the skins and drink all the surrounding liquid .....this was the reason there was always so few bottles produced

pH – 3.60 T.A. – 5.6 Alc. - 13.1%

extended maceration unfined and unfiltered

no additions besides minimal so2

2022 home pinot noir

2022 adelaide hills pinot noir

a single vineyard piccadilly valley pinot noir which yielded only 132 bottles this year

the vineyard, around the size of a tennis court, was planted with a mix of clones taken from the Ashton Hills vineyard 23 years ago

100% whole bunch, handpicked and foot stomped by 3 generations of our family then basket pressed to tiny custom seasoned french barrels

label photo by Amber taken from her bike of a poppy field on the track to the winery in the southern swedish town simrishamn

this wine is all about family and enjoying slow lunches together under our hazelnut trees at home in beautiful basket range

bright red lifted aromatics of exotic spices fold through cherry skin and kirsch feminine, elegant, and gorgeous

Alc- 11.5%

unfined and unfiltered no additions besides minimal so2

(Image: Amber Ochota - Ochota Barrels)

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