Eastern Peake & LATTA Vino Spring Releases

Eastern Peake


Chardonnay is the all time grape for me, then of course its Pinot Noir having grown up with these varieties. I love growing them, producing them & drinking vast amounts. The rise & rise of chardonnay quality in Australia is so bloody exciting,.

A great low pressure growing season, we managed to get a lot of things right in the vineyard. Cropping levels were still pretty low in the Chardonnay (clone I10V5), a really good fruit set. Whole bunched pressed fermented naturally in 600L demi-muid, 300L hogs head & 228L barriques, racked after 12 months élevage to tank, always full malo, no fining or filtering, bottled 6 months later from racking. A small amount of sulphur post malo & pre bottling.


A great low pressure growing season, all went very well in the vineyard. Under vine cultivation worked a real treat with the soil moister content on each pass. Cropping levels still were pretty low across the 3 blocks of Pinot Noir , a lovely fruit set. Fermented naturally in wax lined open concrete vats 3000L (the same ones for 25 years), basket pressed, 12 months élevage in 228L barriques, no fining or filtering, bottled 6 months after racking from barrel. A small amount of sulphur post malo & pre bottling.


Another great crop of Syrah (PT23) from long term grower Frank Walsh (directly over the road), a low pressure growing season, Cropping levels were great, a really good fruit set. this 1 acre block always produces year on year out. Fermented naturally in a wax lined open concrete vat 3000L, basket pressed, 12 months élevage in 500L & 228L casks, no fining or filtering, bottled 6 months after racking from barrel. A small amount of sulphur post malo & pre bottling.

Winefront reviews by Mike Bennie


Intrinsic Chardonnay 2019

'Well, the original vineyard of Eastern Peake came about with the help of the legendary Trevor Mast (Mt Langi) though the ongoing nurturing has been by the Latta family; their beautiful home. Owen Latta has taken the reigns in recent years, organic/biodynamic farming in play, and high quality winemaking alongside. This is natural ferment chardonnay sent to a variety of barrel sizes and bottled non fined and non filtered.

A ripper. Quality from hello. Tense, lightly chewy, sinewy acidity coursing through a gently fleshy slosh of apple/lime/nectarine fruit character. Fragrant too, oh, very, nougat, blanched almonds, apple and lemon blossom. Pretty. The resulting impression of all this is a shout ‘delicious!’ and then a sense of seriousness in glass too. Complex, layered, detailed, lots going on, all that stuff. Just wonderful. How good is Aus chardy? Real good.'

94 Points

Posted on 11 September 2021

Intrinsic Pinot Noir 2019

'A good year for pinot noir for Eastern Peake, the wine naturally fermented in the old, 3000 litre concrete vats and then hung out in barriques. Intrinsic describes the unified expression of Eastern Peake’s blocks of pinot(s). These wines age a treat, and, in youth, drink with charm.

This is a sappier, spicier number, bright in sour-sweet cherry fruit character, pomegranate juice, clove-garam masala spice notes and whiffs and licks of brambly,

mint-sage leaf herbal character. Sheathed in a web of ultra fine, lacy but gently puckering tannins, bright as a button and sleek through its excellent length. Despite the trim and tuck of tarter fruit profile the wine feels of woods and earth and quite significantly savoury. My kinda pinot noir, but also speaks fluently of pedigree, balance, refinement and persistence. It’s very good.'

94+ Points

Posted on 3 September 2021

Walsh Block Syrah 2018

'From over the road and a one acre block comes this spicy, game meat laden, alpine

herb-draped syrah of svelte nature and succulence. ‘True syrah’ characters in this way, shy of medium weight, so fragrant, sleek and energetic with fine detail and good structure in tow. Tastes and smells beautiful, feels fancy, has amazing texture and all that spice and fruitiness finds a wonderful harmony. Each sip a cornucopia of things going on, most of all, hitting all the pleasure receptors. Wonderful expression.'

94 Points

Posted on 3 September 2021

LATTA Vino 2021 Spring Release

2021 LATTA Vino Benevolent Cabernet Franc

206 doz (750ml) produced

The Benevolent is Back, with a slight change up, we now are now sourcing from the iconic Sally's Paddock vineyard. Neill & Sally kindly offered the fruit to us in 2021 (their 49th year). This vineyard is a very important site in the Pyrenees's wine history. Neill & Sally Established their vines back in 1973. This wine is in the same vein as the previous vintage - Juicy, Bright, Light & Refreshing with loads of detail shown from this low cropping significant vineyard site. fennel, red fruits, blueberries. white pepper & spice - enjoy. 12.9%

Region: Pyrenees, Redbank, Victoria
Growers: Neill & Sally Robb
Vineyard: North Block - Est 1988
Grape: Cabernet Franc
Altitude: 420m
Soil type: Cambrian sandstone loose ironstone & quartz uniform loam over red clay
Winemaking: all destemmed, no whole bunches, fermented in concrete
elevagé: 500L casks

2021 LATTA Vino Granite Riesling

298 Dozen produced

The fruit for this wine comes from Mount Alexander in Harcourt Central Victoria - Two vineyards one north side & one south side both are grown on the base of the mount on decomposing granite soils.

Picking dates are around one month apart, with one harvest from each site. The riesling was whole bunch pressed then fermented in stainless, aged on fine lees for months then bottled.

As always the wines go through full malo, unfined, unfiltered & untinkered. 12.4% alc

Region: Harcourt, Central Victoria
Vineyard 1: Makeisha Park
Growers: L.M Davis & S.R Simpson
Altitude: 210 meters
Planted: 1982
Soil: Free draining decomposed granitic soils
Vineyard 2: Dash Farms
Growers: D Braybrook
Altitude: 450 meters
Soil: Free draining granitic soils

2021 LATTA Vino Bad Reputation Blanc Zero SO2

229 dozen produced

It's Hard to believe we’ve been producing Pyrenees Viognier for six consecutive years strait… It grows really well in the pyrenees, quite a few plantings went in during the mid 90’s & very early 2000’s when it seemed to be on a somewhat trend for that time. Now with vine age on side it's a really interesting variety to work with, hopefully many more good examples arise over the coming years.

Region: Pyrenees, Landsborough valley VIC
Grower: Cory Hope
Vineyard: Landsborough Vineyard - Certified Organic
Grape: Viognier
Altitude: 330 meters
Soil type: Well drained soil composed of loose quartz with shale & siltstone
Winemaking: Zero additions, whole bunch pressed, barrel & tank fermented, full malo

2021 LATTA Vino Tenacity Riesling

Only 189 dozen produced

We've been working with riesling for quite a few years now & really enjoying the results, in 2021 the opportunity came up to work with the riesling from the Landsborough Vineyard farmed by Cory Hope all Certified Organic.

This could be one of the best Riesling vineyards in the Pyrenees, the site gives amazing minerality from all the shattered loose quartz, shale & siltstone.

Region: Pyrenees, Landsborough valley VIC
Grower: Cory Hope
Vineyard: Landsborough Vineyard - Certified Organic
Grape: Riesling
Altitude: 330 meters
Soil type: Well drained soil composed of loose quartz with shale & siltstone
Winemaking: Whole bunch pressed, tank fermented, full malo

2021 LATTA Vino Landsborough Rouge

145 dozen produced

Certified Organic Syrah from Block Five, off the Chapoutier Vineyard (this fruit has never been sold before, these guys definitely know a thing or two about growing fine Syrah) I was pretty lucky to get the phone call, This is such an insane vineyard site it was hard to say no. Also it's great to make some Syrah(shiraz) again (last vintage 2015).

Region: Pyrenees, Landsborough valley VIC
Grower: Cory Hope
Vineyard: Landsborough Vineyard - Certified Organic
Grape: Syrah/Shiraz
Altitude: 330 meters
Soil type: Well drained soil composed of loose quartz with shale & siltstone.
Winemaking: 75% whole bunch fermented in one open 3000L concrete vat, pump overs twice daily, basket pressed, elevagé in new & seasoned French casks, racked after months then bottled

2017 LATTA Vino Tranquil Nebbiolo

Traditional Method Sparkling

Only 50 dozen produced

Pyrenees Nebbiolo Rosé

A small portion of the Tranquil rosé was kept separate for sparkling after the hype of the still wine

Region: Pyrenees, Landsborough Valley VIC
Grower: Scott Gerrade
Vineyard: Glenlofty
Altitude: 360 meters
Established: 2000
Soil type: Well drained soil composed of sedimentary rock permeable red clay interspersed with quartz.
Harvested: 12 May 2017
Winemaking: Whole bunch Pressed to tank, fermented in tank, elevagé in stainless steel zero SO2,
Tirage/bottled: February 2019
Disgorged: August 2021
Zero Dosage
Under Diam cork

2021 LATTA Vino Essential Crisis

Lat - pet -  Nat
Zero SO2
Sauvignon Blanc Pyrenees
10.5% alc

Essential Crisis is back after a little break in 2020 due to poor flowering in the vineyard.

This Petillant Naturel or Rural Method Sparkling wine is produced from sauvignon blanc grapes, grown in the Victorian Pyrenees at Moonambel. One harvest date, pressed straight to tank, juice is naturally fermented, with the ferment continuing in bottle to capture the light fizz in the bottle.

Passionfruit, green herbs, apple juice, lemon lime zest vibes. Calm bubbles rising on a natural bead, A good amount of crunch factor to texture, brisk acidity, a cool, lemony finish like adult lemonade. It’s bursting with fruitiness and youthful energy.

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