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Standish 2020 New Releases


The Standish 2020

Laycock Family Vineyard, Greenock
100% Shiraz

Winefront Review by Gary Walsh

Posted on 19 May 2022

"To my way of thinking, there’s not many better producers in the Barossa than Standish. The acidity feels right, and the quality of tannin is something quite different to the mainstream. Not sure how they do it, but surely there’s a little pixie dust in the mix here? This is 100% Greenock Shiraz, from the Laycock vineyard. I live in a street with ‘cock’ included in the name, so I feel an affinity, as such.

A little vanilla and floral perfume, blueberry, boysenberry, a little earth and spice. Blue fruit, spice, shows a little creamy vanilla oak, supple but dense tannin, freshness, and a sweet tea like perfume on a long finish. Maybe some raspberry. Excellent, somewhat more approachable in style, and obvious, than the other wines from Standish in 2020, but charming and lovely all the same. More than a bit yummy."

95 Points


The Shubert Theorem 2020

Roennfeldt Road, Marananga
100% Shiraz

Winefront Review by Gary Walsh 

Posted on 19 May 2022

"Roennfeldt Road, Marananga. Famous. I’ve been chatting with my mate, Erin Larkin, about these wines. Fair to say, she’s a big fan.

Oooh. A lovely choc-hazelnut bar kind of thing happening here, blueberry and blackberry, spicy too, which is kind of unusual for Roenfeldt, and maybe a character of the vintage. Lots of tannin, kind of gummy and firm, a tea-like flavour and perfume too, Really quite sticky in feel, but ample fruit flavour, lots of mouth-perfume, again the blueberry richness, and iron grip of tannin to close on a long and fresh finish. Here’s a wine of potency and power, that will need many years to roll out. Exotic spice punctuates the finish. Wow. This is intense and firm."

96+ Points


Lamella 2020

Hutton Vale Farm, Eden Valley
100% Shiraz

Winefront Review by Gary Walsh

Posted on 19 May 2020

"Say what you like about cork, and hey, most of the wines I drink at home are cork sealed, but these Standish wines have superb quality corks. Flawless, tight, and they smell really clean coming out of the bottle. They must spend a lot of money on corks to get this quality. Anyway, 2020 reviews incoming.

Intense, concentrated Shiraz here. So dense, floral, bergamot, liquorice and chocolate, black fruit and dried raspberry, spice and peppermint (down low). Full-bodied, dark and perfumed, distinct raspberry coulis flavour, earthy and bold, kind of ferrous too, tea-like tannin of richness, lavish and stony/earthy feel and persistence, a fresh ‘mineral’ feel to acidity,. What a wine! Perfume, power, all the things. It’s an outstanding spicy iteration of Lamella, and if the vintage was difficult, well, you’d never know. And that tannin. Essence-like. Sheesh."

97 Points


The Relic 2020

Hongell Family Vineyard, Krondorf
99% Shiraz 1% Viognier

Winefront Review by Gary Walsh

"Hongell Family Vineyard, Krondorf. 99% Shiraz and 1% Viognier. A little Viognier goes a long way with me, though this is good!

White flowers, liquorice, chocolate, a little bacon fat, black fruit and discreet toasty oak. So purple, so full of energy, even for a big wine, stone fruit and plum, silky and supple tannin of many layers, intense blue and purple fruit, silty and earthy, with a cool ‘mineral’ and ferrous character, dense sweet fruit and chamomile perfume to close. Not sure I’ve tasted a better Relic? This is how you Shiraz Viognier!"

97 Points

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