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'Winemaker Owen Latta’s age belies a wealth of experience, making him a deserving winner of the Young Winemaker Medal for his quality Eastern Peake and Latta Vino wines.
Second generation winemaker Owen Latta is the Ballarat kid setting the Australian wine scene on fire. Between the premium wines of Eastern Peake and the more expressive, avant garde releases under his own, eponymous Latta Vino range, Latta has shown his mettle as one of Australia’s most thoughtful and daring winemakers.“ The purity and natural architecture possible from just grapes and skins is something Latta is actively seeking. ” Indeed, there are few people in Australia so adept with lo-fi winemaking, eking out maximum flavour, vitality, freshness and poise, including when no sulphur is added at all. “I am increasingly seeing that long, slow maturation prior to bottling helps no-sulphur wines,” Latta explains. “The purity and natural architecture possible from just grapes and skins is something I am actively seeking in terms of feel, structure and balance.” While Latta’s career has not been long it shows an incredible depth of experience that places him at the apex of winemaking in Australia.’


NEW 2020s
Granite Riesling, Moonambel Quartz Bianco, Bad Reputation,
What A Melon, Tranquil & Good timing to roll on to some new vintage 2019 Sangiovese.
'This seasons release is pretty limited, low yielding crops in 2020 meant very little amounts of wine produced... the good thing is the wines are out of control in fine flavour, acid & balance. Quality Goodness from the year that made us all twitch... or something like that! Now the race to vintage 2021 is on, its looking very promising yet its best to keep the chin up & say nothing until everything is harvested & bubbling away in the shed.' - Owen Latta

Winefront Reviews: Mike Bennie Feb 2020

Latta Tranquil Pyrenees 2020
'Two nebbiolo sites, including the vaunted Malakoff site. Rose is the aim of the game.
Inviting, rose hip tea perfume, whiffs of cranberry, a sprinkle of dried herb. Outstanding glossy texture, slippery texture, fine sheath of tannins, bright and flavoursome and refreshing. What a coup! A textural feast and yet so delightful to drink. Top notch, fancy rose, with drinkability on its side.'

Rated : 95 Points

Latta Bad Reputation Blanc 2020

'Pyrenees and viognier, two sites. Unfined and unfiltered. Yeehaw.
Slurpy, lush, delicious yet fine-tuned with crisp edges and a lick of faint, chalky tannins. Much more in the ‘just ripe’ stone fruit spectrum, some nougat notes here too, good length, fine feel. Really fine example of a fresh, and fresh take, on viognier. An absolute delight.'

Rated : 94 Points

Latta Granite Riesling 2020

'Three vineyards, Harcourt way. Raised on lees, textural thing, great gear.
Scents of lemon juice and warm cashew with a whiff of fino sherry. Tart and brittle in the palate though it finishes juicy, mouth-watering and with salted nut savouriness. Oh yum. Lemony to taste too, but yeah, savoury. So very piercing, racy and lean. Superb stuff.'

Rated : 94 Points

Latta What-A-Melon Gusto No 3 2020

'Four grape varieties, sangio, nebb, pinot noir, pinot gris, bolted together to make something special. Here ya go.
Fragrant, kinda sweet and floral, a little watermelon juice, or is that suggestive, spice, Parisian almond, pear. Palate is wild style in slippery, gooey texture, cut of blood orange acidity, light and creamy nuttiness, tacky tannins and a blast of freshness to close. Really good drinking here. Beating the drum for avant garde wines super well.'

Rated : 93 Points

Latta Moonambel Quartz Bianco 2020

'Pyrenees sauvignon blanc. A thirty year old dry grown vineyard of ironstone and quartz. Tough. Raised on lees, blah blah blah. Whole bunch to barrel. Yeah.
Mellow perfume lemon curd, green herbs, pepper, creamy nuttiness. Palate is succulent, fresh as can be, citrus and green apple orientated and licked at with cashew paste and soft, peppery spice. Such an excellent, fine boned and delicious wine. Thirst-quencher and classy.'

Rated : 93 Points

Eastern Peake "La Tache" 2020

Tache has a new look! Mum and dad on the label from the 1970s, somewhere. Estate grown pinot noir. Always grown for rose too.
Verity of fruit, all cherry, rose water, light-sweet spice, faint oatmeal notes. Pure in the palate, an effortless roll of supple cherry juice, light cranberry tang, some creamy nuttiness and a slip of fine, lacy tannins set to an even pulse of cool acidity. Feels so elegant, fine, like a great pinot noir albeit a lighter shade. Superb.

Rated : 95 Points

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