Pichler-Krutzler from Austria’s famed Wachau region is Erich Krutzler and his wife Elisabeth Pichler-Krutzler, the son-in-law and daughter of F.X. Pichler. Erich is a very serious and talented winemaker in his own right, having inherited a great Blaufränkisch vineyard in Südburgenland from his family estate, Krutzler, where he was for several years the winemaker, and has had a couple of international award-winning projects in Slovenia. Erich and Elisabeth now have 10 hectares of vines. Their viticulture is “sustainable”. They use no insecticides, only organic manure as fertilizer, and gentle tilling of the soil. In the vinification, Erich and Elisabeth use indigenous yeasts for all cuvées except in an occasional year for the spring-bottled wines. For all of the top wines, like Supperin, Loibenberg, Pfaffenberg, Kellerberg, fermentation is done with indigenous yeasts in wood foudre from Stockinger of varying sizes up to 1500l., between 1 and 8 years, no toast.

Because Erich has a vineyard of Blaufrankisch in the sudburgenland, they are not members of Vinea Wachau Nobilis Districtus. This gives Erich the flexibility, though, to do things in vinification.