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2023 Spring Wines

"super tasty, alive and beautiful

2023 was a long vintage at ochota barrels and these wines are pretty much as fresh as you can get, besides sucking straight from the barrel

these wines to me feel like spring; with the winter behind us, the days are getting lighter and warmer and the feelings of hibernation are being left behind

they make me want to have picnics, dive into waterholes, dine alfresco, gather friends, family and neighbours together and celebrate anything and everything

being witness to the simple joys of life really is the secret to it all

I hope you enjoy these special bottles and that they bring you some gorgeous memories, cosy nights in, fun days out and everything in between

X amber" - amber ochota, ochota barrels

(Image: Amber Ochota - Ochota Barrels / www.ochotabarrels.com)

2023 surfer rosa

ethereal pale salmon pink with iridescent vibrancy is the tell tale sign of restrained and elegant red fruits

the spice infused nose lifts with lingonberries and charcuterie

the palate entry is full, but has a savoury line which is supported by a lively snappy texture reminiscent of persimmon beads and cranberries

the finish is dry with lingering ripe strawberries

best serve chilled with your favourite people and animals

pH – 3.14 T.A. – 6.4 Alc. - 12.9%

100% organically grown old vine grenache from a single vineyard in onkaparinga hills, mclaren vale, kaurna country

hand picked whole bunches crushed and left on skins for 4-8 hours before pressing

indigenous ferment

unfined and filtered to retain natural malic acid

no additions besides minimal so2

2023 weird berries in the woods adelaide hills gewurztraminer

lychee, tangelo blossom, lavender, meyer lemon and manuka honey can be detected far from the glass

bone dry with full texture and a crisp finish

rose petal infused lemongrass entry followed by chalky, mandarin skinned texture, forming a foundation for the jasmine and ginger infused nervy acid line which finishes long and bright

pH – 3.27 T.A. – 5.4 Alc. - 12.8%

picked from a single vineyard in the adelaide hills, peramangk country, in early autumn

wild ferment

pressed direct to seasoned french oak with full solids and regular batonnage

unfined and filtered to retain natural malic acid

no additions besides minimal so2

2023 the mark of cain pinot meunier

this chimeric mutation of pinot noir is simply about pink florals in spring

there are elements of freshly baked vosges mountain cherry cake with an estery core dotted with fennel seed, almond meal, rhubarb and feijoa

the palate drive is from crunchy whole bunch natural acidity

the ochota trademark of tightly wound fine tannins wrapped in a core of pulsing bright red berries and wisps of exotic tropicals

succulent with the mid palate holding length and energy

pH – 3.48 T.A. – 5.4 Alc. - 11.4%

planted in 1985 in the heart of the piccadilly valley, peramangk country

handpicked mid autumn

wild open ferment

destemmed with whole bunches and a few handfuls of stalks added back

gentle cap submersion by hand once a day for 7-10 days

pressed to seasoned french barriques

no additions besides minimal so2

2023 where’s the pope? mclaren vale syrah

crunchy just ripe satsumas meet cordite intensity ... black olive and crushed autumn leaves

come leaping from the glass, enticing you in, the tightrope of freshness and rich round flavours play together

elegance and deliciousness

pH– 3.77 T.A.– 5.0 Alc.-12.7%

onkaparinga hills vineyard, planted on schist and clay in 1996, certified organic, on kaurna country

indigenous yeast

pressed straight to seasoned french oak for 5 months

no additions besides minimal so2

(Image: 2023 Vintage at Ochota Barrels / www.ochotabarrels.com)

2023 the green room mclaren vale grenache

lifted spice, plum compote and a herbal thread of thyme with white pepper, entwine the strikingly fragrant bouquet of bouillon

the palate entry is opulent yet nervy with medium bodied savoury (almost pinot like) finely grained textural components resembling pomegranate and lingonberry

bottled in clear glass to encourage the glorious simplicity of what mother nature can provide without interference

pH – 3.57 T.A. – 5.3 Alc. - 12.2%

two handpicks in late summer, certified organic vineyard planted in 1946 dry grown by Rino, in red loamy clay with ironstone over deep limestone in onkaparinga hills, kaurna country

about 65% whole bunch, some carbonic maceration

wild fermentation

8-12 days on skins

gentle hand plunging once daily

pressed to old french barriques and aged briefly to preserve freshness and energy

no additions besides minimal so2

2023 texture like sun field red sector ten

pinot noir 66.3%
gewurztraminer 15.7%
syrah 9%
gamay 4.5%
pinot meunier 4.5%

this wine is all about carefully blending specific barriques of the 4 varieties to achieve a wine that is basically and simply......delicious! hence the yellow label you can't really read in dim light

red forest fruits, spice, white pepper and peat float around an undercurrent of roasted meats
the palate entry is lusciously red and supple then gives way to finely shaped tannins that are swept up by a wash of damson, cigar box, and cassis
long, fleshy and bright

so very drinkable at a picnic by a waterhole, fine dining in the world’s best restaurants, or somewhere in between

pH – 3.6 T.A. – 5.2 Alc. - 12.3%

wild ferments from grapes grown on peramangk and kaurna country in the mount lofty ranges

three months in seasoned french oak

no additions besides minimal so2

whole bunch reds, skin contact gewurztraminer

pressed to old french oak while fermentation is finishing

2023 botanicals of the basket range

so..., we crushed some beautiful pinot noir grapes from up the road into a small vessel...a few weeks later, the children and I took our little baskets and wandered around our garden, picking herbs, flowers, fruits and leaves, talking about Taras and feeding the chickens as we went .... we submerged the picked botanicals into the pinot noir and tasted it over the next week or so until it was perfect....

some of the botanicals infused were... . sage....wild fennel....rose petals.... elderflower....lemon balm....bay leaf....lemon verbena... river mint....thyme... meyer lemon peel

pH – 3.49 T.A. – 5.0 Alc. - 12.1%

100% piccadilly pinot noir saignee from red ferments on peramangk country

drink like a wine or add ice and sip like a vermouth

handpicked throughout february and march

infused with a bouquet garni of homegrown botanicals

gravity racked to 2 seasoned French barriques

unfined and unfiltered

minimal use of SO2 and machinery

(Image: 2023 Vintage at Ochota Barrels / www.ochotabarrels.com)

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