(Image: Zico Oneill/UNKEL Wines)


At Unkel, we give our utmost care and respect to the organic grapes that have been provided to us by Mother Nature and her land. We like to do the most we can in the vineyard to ensure the best possible raw product is produced, allowing us to intervene as little as possible in the winery.

After 3 years producing Unkel in Victoria, Australia, we (husband and wife team of Rob and Kate Burley) knew it was time to move back to New Zealand to start a family and fulfill our complete vision for Unkel -

“To be farming our own fruit and making wines that we are deeply connected to, in our homeland”

In 2019, we were fortunate enough to make that dream come true. Unkel Wines are now family farmed on a 4.7-hectare block on Bronte Peninsula, Nelson (top of the South Island of New Zealand). 2020 was our first vintage from our home block and we are already so excited with how the wines are shaping up! All the wines are unfined, unfiltered with minimal Sulphites added.

Whilst we are very hands-on in the vineyard. The rest of the time we let the unique flavours and quirks that come with a minimally intervened wine shine through to what you see and experience in the bottle. As the ‘Unkel’ we always allow the wine to do the talking, leading its own life through ageing in the winery and giving what we believe is the best possible expression of the fruit that we started with.