The three of us, each from very different backgrounds, were inspired to follow our passions and open a small distillery in the suburbs of Adelaide. It is here where we can create, innovate and excite with our truly unique take on the Australian spirit category. We must fearlessly follow our passion, to step away from what’s easy and do what it is that excites us. We must inspire through action, excite through flavour and be honest in what we do. Above all else, we must be fearless.

Never Never Distilling Co. was chosen as the name for the company because it immediately invoked the Australian spirit of adventure, the journey into the unknown. It celebrates the star chasers and the wonder seekers, those who are never content to accept the status quo and who always search for more. The name needed to encapsulate something far more than just a location: It was the inspiration from which the entire brand would grow. When the words “Never Never” were finally spoken out aloud, we immediately knew we had found the name for the distillery. The words speak of the Australian bush and its people, but also something else, something far more magical and otherworldly. Never Never Distilling Co. was born.

The Never Never Distilling Co. is dedicated to creating exciting and innovative spirits and exploring new territory when it comes to flavour. It’s not enough to just create delicious spirit – we want to make the most flavoursome spirits on the market. This return to flavour is at the heart of everything that we create.