Jo, the resident Auzzie took Tam, the Kiwi, under her wing and entrenched her with the wonders of living in Margaret River. Surfing, Cabernet, craft beer, and, of course, dogs. Both Jo and Tam then set about building their winemaking careers and lived abroad for a long time – Jo in Spain and Tam in Sicily. The girls could always be found on an adventure. Missions in Sicily, Champagne, and Rome to name a few. Great wines were drank and amazing memories made. Through thick and thin the girls were always there to help and support each other. Like the time Jo came to Tams rescue and worked nightshift for her in a brand new winery. Tam even got her chance to entrench Jo in all things Kiwi. Sauvignon Blanc, seaweed, black sand and snow.

They both started families with children coming soon after. Then almost in tangent they started up their own wine brands. Their lives and careers seemed to be paralleling, even the name of their girls. A daughter called Clova, and a daughter called Clover. In their wine the was a focus on the environment and making bespoke wines with a sense of place. It was time now to finally work together again.

M I C A – ‘Amica ‘ in Italian, or “ “ In Spain, – Loving Friendship, this brand represents wines that Jo and Tam are making together. A strong bond that will be there for life.