In March 2003, David Freschi’s quest for a prime white wine vineyard site in the Adelaide Hills South Australia, to complement their red wine vineyard in Langhorne Creek, was realised. They had auspiciously discovered a magnificent 15 Hectare property perched up on some of the highest (530-580m), steepest and coolest slopes near Mt Lofty.

Apart from the 10 Ha of natural pristine bush-land, orchard and market-gardens had been cultivated on the property by the Moulds family since the 1850’s, who supplied Adelaide’s East End markets only 15 minutes away.

The site possesses two steep, north-facing amphitheatres, both with well-drained rocky soils comprising of slate, quartz, sandstone, ironstone and silt, plus high annual rainfall of 42 inches (1050mm) also allows the vineyard to be dry grown.

Between 2004 and 2007 a total area of 3.2 Hectares was planted at high density (8000 vines/ Ha) to the highest quality clones of four white varieties. The vines are grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, fungicides and pesticides. The vineyard is hand pruned and hand harvested and yields are kept low (below 2 tonnes per acre) in order to maximise quality.