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“La Cappella is a father and daughter operation in San Donato. Natascia and Bruno Rossini started La Cappella in 1995, previously supplying fruit to Isole Olena which is located on the opposite hill. The name La Cappella comes from the small church on the property built in 1070. Inside this church Bruno has personal gifts from the last Italian pope and other expensive art works. Bruno and his family are very close to the church and supply a lot of wine to the Vatican. Bruno’s passion is the vineyards, where he uses organic practices in his vineyards and crops at levels of 4.5 t/ha on average across Sangiovese and Merlot. The wines have an intensity of fruit I have rarely seen from Chianti Classico yet are structured. The name is somewhat unknown particularly as Bruno alienated himself with alot of the big wine publications abroad and overseas. He is a character, quite outspoken but believes in what he does.”