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Randall Grahm pioneered the planting of Rhone varietals in California with his original Bonny Doon vineyard in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Since 1981 he has crafted meticulous wines modelled on the Rhone styles, exemplified in his Chateauneuf-du-Pape tribute, Le Cigare Volant- now in it’s 21st year! Time has only sharpened his desire to craft exquisite wines from his various Californian sites. Having unburdened himself of the “Big House” label juggernaut, Randall has set his sights on producing certified biodynamic wines from his vineyard sites at Ca del Solo in Monterey and Bonny Doon in Santa Cruz, coupled with extensive vineyard sourcing from throughout Santa Cruz and the Pacific Coast. We are just thrilled to be importing these wines and able to present the latest vintages from Randall’s best sites.